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Enter a virtual world of floating kingdoms, majestic guardians, and thousands of items you can collect, sell, buy, or trade. You can customize your own persona, train your guardians to be the best, play games, and join our various events and contests. We are a small, friendly community and we are only missing you to be a part of it! So join us today for free and find your place among the skies of Kingdom Sky!

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Blackie The Witch Kitteh Stitchy

Blackie The Mummy Kitteh Stitchy

Blackie The Ghost Kitteh Stitchy

Blackie The Kitteh Mummy Stitchy

Blackie The Kitteh Pumpkin Stitchy

Highest level guardians:
Guardian Level Owner
Glaurung 381 Skiron
Nanae 256 Rairetsu
Tamar 64 Keturah
Composer 63 KyAnn
Wonderrabbit 61 Wonderrabbit
Kriyana 50 Lunastone
Wolfgang 39 Rairetsu
Joey 35 Jordan
Darq 32 Darqpony
Sere 24 Sere
is currently online!

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